Friday, April 19, 2013

Sram XX1 Aftermarket Chain Rings

Many mountain bikers have been carefully watching the roll-out of the SRAM XX1 drivetrain system. There are several key innovations wrapped up in the new drivetrain. The unique chain ring tooth profiles seemingly negate the need for a chain guide. The wide range 10-42 tooth cassette negates the need for multiple front chain rings and a front derailleur.

Because of these different innovations, the set appeals to several classes of riders. The downhillers love the simplicity and inherent chain retention. The cross country crowd likes the weight savings. And what's not to love? OK, there is the price. And the whole special hub. And the funky 76 bcd chain ring!

What if you just want to take advantage of the unique chain ring tooth profiles for chain retention? What if you didn't care about the 10-42 tooth cassette? Or SRAM's super fly crankset?

If that's the case, you are in luck, or at least you should be soon. There are already at least three companies making aftermarket SRAM XX1 chain rings.

Wolf Tooth Components - Available Now!

Wolf Tooth Components makes several different versions of XX1 profiled chainrings for 88, 104, and 120 BCD cranksets as well as for SRAM GXP direct mount cranks.


According to this article from Bike Rumor, Raceface is developing XX1 style 104 bcd chain rings that will be announced any day now (Sea Otter Classic). UPDATE: They were announced at Sea Otter Classic and look great: See them in this video


e*thirteen is also jumping into the mix according to this article from Bike Rumor. There aren't many details yet other than the fact that they will be compatible with current e*thirteen cranksets.

Absolute Black

According to this article, they expect their offerings to start at $60 and be among the lightest available.

Works Components

Currently out of stock, but their price is 35 GBP. This picture was on their facebook page:

If you don't want to wait on the aftermarket chain rings, you can always spring for a custom spider for your current crankset that will match the odd 76 bcd of the original SRAM XX1 chain rings.

Hopefully we will continue to see others ramp up production of this innovative tooth profiled type of chain ring.

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